Managed VMware Cloud

Flexibility, agility and scalability

Virtualization & Cloud Hosting

In the First Colo datacenter

Flexibility, agility and scalability

High-quality premium data center areas

First Colo runs a highly available VMWare virtualization environment in its in-house data center and is a certified VMWare vCloud Air Provider.

In cooperation with our partner Dell, the hardware has laid the foundation for the highest quality standards. Only state-of-the-art systems are used for our hyper-converged infrastructure

Why in the Cloud?

From the individual virtual machine to the managed resource pool, we offer you the best starting point for your e-commerce enterprise, ERP systems or virtual desktops. Every business-critical application finds a place in the virtual data center of First Colo.

Private oder Public-Cloud-Lösungen

Advantages of using the First Colo vCloud:

Consolidation of servers/data centers

Improvement of availability & performance

Vertical & horizontal scaling options

Lower infrastructure costs

Flexibility with comfortable APIs and GUIs

No Limits: Software-Defined-Storage

Flexibility, agility and scalability – probably the most important aspects of virtualization are also taken up by VMWare in the area of storage. With vSAN, a product has been created for the first time that enables the seamless extension of virtualization to storage. VSAN is the only native storage solution for vSphere that enables replication of data at the disk, host, or rack level. For example, First Colo ensures that every block of data written is stored on 3 separate devices, making it easy to recover even in the event of a disaster.

Networking at its best: VMWare NSX

By deploying VMWare NSX, we can provide virtual network environments without the need for complex CLIs. It replaces full Layer2 and Layer3 switch functions with logical switches using NSX. Furthermore, NSX can also be used for routing between networks, as a firewall or VPN gateway. The extensive RESTful API also allows NSX to be used for automatisms, for example.

Certified Technicians & Data Backup

As a member of the VMWare vCloud Air Network Program, we have our technicians certified on a regular basis to ensure that we meet the high quality standards of our customers.

The range of services is rounded off by the use of Veeam Backup & Replication in conjunction with offsite backup storage. This is located about 10km from the primary site of First Colo and is connected via a direct Darkfiber connection. This ensures that the data is transferred securely.

New possibilities with Proxmox and First Colo

To increase the availability of our own servers even further, to reduce the administrative burden to a minimum and thus to get even more out of the IT budget, we recommend our clients also use Proxmox.

As an open source solution, Proxmox VE also offers the use of Linux Containers (LXC), which saves resources when compared to ordinary virtualization.

This is what Proxmox VE offers

Proxmox VE, a virtualization solution for servers, manages virtual machines, storage, virtual networks, multiple containers, and high-availability clusters through a single management interface that gives the administrator full control and visibility at all times.

By using Proxmox VE, you can optimally exploit your existing resources and, in addition to hardware costs, can also minimize your administration effort with the easy-to-use and intuitive web interface.

Highest performance and easy to use: Proxmox VE brings maximum efficiency to your IT infrastructure. Due to the low administration effort, the use of Proxmox is the optimal solution in the field of virtualization.

Proxmox VE provides you with the easy way to manage physical, virtual or cross-platforms, as well as customize cloud computing to meet your individual business needs. Moreover, as an open source solution, the cost/benefit results can hardly be surpassed compared to commercial, closed-source products.

Prove it to yourself and choose the Proxmox VE solution from First Colo. First Colo offers a complete Proxmox image that lets you start the installation and configuration of your virtual machines immediately.