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Satisfied Customers

To give you an overview of our work, we would like to name some of our customers.

University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is one of the leading colleges in Germany.


Wooga is a leading provider of browsergames, reaching millions of users with titles like “Diamond Dash”.

AWO e.V.

AWO e.V. is active nationwide and cares for many facilities for the elderly and the young. We support them in our role as an IT services provider.

Mobile Innovation Lab

The MIL is an innovative laboratory, where students and teachers collaborate on the future of mobile applications.

Stocard GmbH

Stocard GmbH brings loyalty cards to your smartphone.

Technaxx Deutschland GmbH

Technaxx Deutschland GmbH deals with lots of different electronic products and tends to create more and more devices on their own.


Fotocommunity GmbH runs the biggest European community for photography. Innumerable pieces of artwork are delivered monthly to more than 3.6 million unique visitors.

IP Projects

The internet service provider IP Projects specializes in quality hosting. Its high standards are valued by their customers and make it extremely fast growing.

Webhost United

The young company Webhost United offers plenty of different services to end users and business customers in the webhosting industry.

Parts2Go GmbH

Parts2Go GmbH is a leader in successful migration of classical trade businesses to the ecommerce sector.


KELYON is an ICT company focused on the development of web applications and mobile apps, based on open source technologies, for pharmaceutical companies, SMEs and local governments.