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Managed Services

In addition to bespoke data center and IT services, First Colo’s range of offers includes a large number of standardised managed services so that we can offer you technical and economic benefits. In the data center in Frankfurt First Colo has a wide range of managed services available which will save time, costs and expenses for you, from simple remote hands to what are known as fully-managed solutions. By booking managed services you can easily relieve yourself of many recurring, work-intensive IT issues and thus better concentrate on your other tasks and on your actual corporate goals.

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Service levels

With us, IT companies have the option of using complete managed services at all service levels, without having to invest in their own infrastructure and additional know-how. Individual agreements regulate the quality of the service, with up to 99.99% guaranteed availability per year. With these universal managed services First Colo is above all targeting medium-sized businesses, for whom operating their own data center would not make economic sense.

The managed services making up our full managed services include several service levels which, by their very nature, are often interconnected.


The internet carries risks for your IT company, your business activity and your performance. Via the web, online attackers try to infiltrate your corporate networks in order to compromise business data, disrupt business communications and gain access to intellectual property. First Colo’s security operations center (SOC) prevents attackers before they get close to the corporate network and, through security audits of its own and partner companies, provides sustained IT security strategies which are an absolute necessity in a company nowadays. The outsourcing of this area, which is critical to a company, can not only be a rewarding alternative with regard to financial and human resources, it can also enable you to comply with legal requirements more easily.


Are you sure that you still want to pay your IT team nowadays for traditional support, management and monitoring tasks related to your applications? With our managed services we guarantee the availability of all your IT applications, which you and your staff require. In this way First Colo Managed Services takes on the responsibility for your whole IT system landscape on request. We provide analysis, conception, installation, operation and maintenance of your applications for you in one package of solutions. Bespoke service level agreements (SLA) facilitate individual agreements adapted to your requirements and needs.

Operating system

The management of operating systems includes the services related to the operation of services with the operating systems installed on them such as, for example, Unix/Linux distributions. In this respect the focus is on installing and software updates (patch management), configuration, set-up and script management, identifying, analysing and correcting faults, traffic monitoring, security management and protocolling, emergency recovery and system documentation. Here the servers are administrated and monitored via secure network connections and by specialist staff on-site in the data center.

Server & Storage

With bespoke ideal servers at selected rental and purchase prices you secure the quality of leading brand manufacturers for your individual IT projects. You thus provide a solid basis for your IT project from the start. While doing so, benefit from our many years of experience and our technical expertise. In cooperation with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we advise you proactively on useful technical innovations and put together outstanding, efficient and upgradeable IT systems for you so that you are also able to implement the most amazing IT projects on budget. In our well-arranged warehouse we store stocks of all hardware components so that we can react immediately when upgrades are necessary and in emergencies.


In addition to the provision and the upgrading of active network components, we take on all the work necessary for the conception, migration and operation of IT projects. Each managed port is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, all year round, by our network operations center (NOC) so that problems can be detected at an early stage. The customer receives standardised reports, for example on problems solved in the network or on compliance with the service level agreements. In combination with the monitoring, we provide forward planning in order to avoid capacity bottlenecks. Where the configuration is concerned, we specialise in products from brand manufacturers such as Juniper, Cisco, etc., but also regularly comply with special requests.

Data centre

From a technical point of view, the protected housing of hundreds corporate servers must always be operated in a fail-safe, highly available and future-optimised manner. In addition to one of the sector’s most efficient glass-fibre external connections in the industry, our mains and emergency power systems, the uninterruptible power supply, our climate technology, the early fire detection system and the gas extinguishing systems must also be maintained and monitored, like all subordinate service levels.

High availability clusters

In websites special offers, marketing measures or links can again and again lead to a rush of users which cannot be processed by a traditional infrastructure. Frustration, cancelled purchases and loss of sales are the avoidable consequences. We have developed a cluster for your e-business company to deal with such high load peaks: A composite of servers, scalable according to your wishes during ongoing operations, which monitors and controls performance values by means of centralised software, and which can correct hardware faults itself.

Load balancer

Our load balancing system gives you the option to distribute incoming traffic to several servers. This guarantees the secure and reliable provision of applications and content, in particular in environments with high requirements in relation to data throughput. Via an external interface, dynamic and situation-dependent distribution of the date traffic to several resources takes place. The result of the efficient and accelerated load distribution to different resources is an optimised user experience.

Web application firewall

Our powerful firewalls protect you from unwanted access to your infrastructure. We filter the incoming and outgoing data traffic with individually defined operational parameters and specifically tuned pre-settings in order, on the one hand, to reduce a hazard to zero, but on the other hand, not to also endanger the regular operation of your network infrastructure. As a result the maximum safety of critical applications is guaranteed at all times, and the time between detecting and closing off a weak point is significantly reduced.

Virtual private network (VPN) solutions

First Cole virtual private networks combine networks from different company locations and ensure a uniform, supra-local, combined or even global network. We develop a suitable, individual infrastructure and guarantee that high broadband speeds can be reached at all of the locations. Digital certificates and keys ensure the necessary security. Our concept for location and corporate networking convinces due to managed services, economic efficiency and flexibilty when upgrading is required.

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