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Managed services in the colocation center

Managed Services include the setup and maintenance of systems of any kind. This includes updating software, auditing for exploits as well as closing them, optimization for performance and speed and any other tasks that are related to the server and its operation. We offer a selection of managed servers for simple use-cases - individual projects can be realized according to your requirements.

Service around the clock

Professional 24x7 server management

As an IT service provider with thousands of servers we and our team are made for such tasks. Our technicians have many years of experience and can complete jobs on short notice. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Of course, our primary focus is on avoiding problems in the first place. Therefore our employees constantly monitor your servers and systems and update them as required - of course without any further costs or request from you. All our services are monitored, so we can react, even before you have picked up the phone - monitoring by your standards is always included with our managed services.

Our emergency service is often beneficial for medium-sized enterprises. Especially, if only one or very few people in your company can deal with these types of problems, it can be helpful and reassuring to have a strong partner by your side. If you or your staff are unreachable - because of a vacation, illness or other responsibilities - we gladly stand in for you, helpfully and without complications.

Your benefits

Managed hosting for servers and applications

The following benefits apply if you let us administer your systems:

  • Short reaction times, if required by constantly available technicians.
  • High security standards by routinely performed system maintenance and updates.
  • Periodic system updates for state-of-the art setups.
  • Optimized performance by highly trained specialists.
  • Strict documentation of all activities.
  • Monitoring of all critical services, with SMS and email notification.
  • Freedom to concentrate on your core business.
  • Cost effective protection of your personnel resources.

The security of systems and the protection of your data are a critical and significant components of successful companies today. Apart from the risk of theft of customer data or company internal documents by attackers, there is the exploitation of vulnerabilities - for example unwanted spam mailings using your infrastructure. Incidents of this kind can harm the reputation of a company considerably and turn business processes upside down. Managed services for servers or applications provide a high degree of security and integrity.

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