Our AS31400 with an external connection of over 100 Gigabits offers more than sufficient capacities for all kinds of applications. Using high-quality carriers we can guarantee low latencies worldwide.


The network infrastructure is, from a technical point of view, the heart of our company. We spared no effort to avoid outages and bottlenecks. An overview of our locations can be found here.



Several Juniper MX-series routers are working on several of our sites to transport your traffic as quickly as possible to its destination. All devices are redundant with the newest, technical achievements and are maintained professionally.

All devices from the Juniper MX80 to the Juniper MX480 are equipped with 10 GigabitEthernet interfaces which deliver enough bandwidth to our network. We run a metro fibre ring in Frankfurt with a total bandwidth of up to 480 Gigabit per second. We connect ourselves to our carriers and exchange points in several datacenters for a maximum amount of autonomy. A modern VRRP (very redundant routing protocol) setup ensures the availability of the network during maintenances or unplanned outages and the failover is with almost no impact at all. All devices in the core-switching part of the network are redundant as well with a very high safety level.



We use HP ProCurve 26xx and 28xx series for the access layer. Hewlett-Packard provides a lifetime warranty for those devices that distinquish themselves with a very low error rate. All switches are connected with at least 1GBit/s to the aggregation layer.

Guaranteed Performance

The design of the network is completely homogenous. Our standards are strictly implemented for quick reaction times everywhere. All critical components are at least in stock once more than required for redundancy. Our network is not overbooked, no uplink is utilized with more than 50% for an active avoidance of congestion on a link. Busy times or peaks are therefore not a problem to our network and if required, we can quickly and easily upgrade our network to the next bandwidth level.

You can get an overview of the datacenters, where we are present with our network on our Networkmap Frankfurt am Main

The choice of the carriers plays a major role in regards of the availability, quality and latency of the connectivity.

Currently we are connected to the following uplinks or exchange points:

20 Gigabit Deutsche Telekom

20 Gigabit Level(3) Communications

10 Gigabit TINET / GTT

20 Gigabit DECiX

10 Gigabit AMSiX

These exchange points enable us to reach the following networks with short paths:






as well as several hundreds more