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High availability for server applications

Times are over when high-availability solutions were rare: the availability and performance of websites and applications are more and more important. Usually, those factors have a direct impact on the success of a web application and these days you do not have to invest vast sums of money in such a solution for the hardware and the maintenance.

Our offer of high-availability servers

Our offer of high-availability servers

We operate individual configurations for you, from a basic failover system up to a complex cluster with hardware load-balancers. Our service includes a completely free-of-charge and nonbinding analysis of your needs with recommendations from our side - completely customized to your application and budget. It does not matter if you need to handle hundreds or hundreds of thousands parallel hits per second or if your customers are regional, national, international or even intercontinental.

Your advantages with high availability servers

High available cluster of UPS devices

The use of high-availability solutions has some important advantages:

  • Enormous reliability by distribution on multiple, physical systems
  • Easy and undisturbed maintenance of individual systems
  • Load-sharing for all requests
  • Perfect scalability by simply increasing or decreasing the number of servers
  • Cost-efficient entry

High availability is not necessarily limited to server systems. Network components, data storages or databases can also be designed to prevent an incident from compromising availability.

The easiest setup consists of two physical systems providing mutual security. More complex scenarios work with one or more load balancers which distribute requests to the actual nodes, i.e. workers. A central storage - ideally redundantly designed - provides them with the necessary data and is available as a storage space. Often there is already a split at the application layer: the webserver and the database are located on different units, each designed to be as robust as needed. In extreme cases high-availability applications can be distributed to different physical locations - a backup datacenter for emergencies ensures the constant availability of your application.

As soon as demand for an application increases - for example because the webshop becomes more popular or because the company grows and more employees need to be served - these setups can be expanded without much effort. Even a reduction is possible. With this flexibility, your project can always be in line with the demand and your budget.

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