Dedicated server services from First Colo

For demanding customers looking for a fair a price-performance ratio

Dedicated server services from First Colo

Bespoke, dedicated servers for your individual requirements

For demanding customers looking for a fair a price-performance ratio

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is provided for a special network service or for several continuously operated services and is thus not used for everyday tasks. Compared with a shared server, it is exclusively provided for one customer or exclusively for one of the customer’s specific tasks.

Which groups of users prefer our dedicated servers?

With our dedicated servers the IT project managers from commercial companies making calculations on a professional basis want to primarily avoid two typical and irritating nuisances: Tying up too much capital and the external travel and maintenance costs for ad-hoc reactions contained in what are known as “service packages” from different providers. In contrast, customers receive their ideal server from us just as they had imagined it, and on the required scale at a fixed monthly flat rate, including the costs of the housing, as well as on the basis of our well-arranged hardware and goods warehouse and in the shortest possible reactions times when replacements are necessary.

How do I create my bespoke server with First Colo?

Together with you we match the required hardware equipment to your individual needs and wishes. In this respect we use established manufacturers’ brands such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Intel, Western Digital, etc. Compared with competitors we do not have to rely on favouring specific manufacturers or technologies. Our experienced specialist staff ensure that the whole ordering and initial operating process passes off smoothly. Your servers are created by us in your place of business and are carefully checked during a trial run.

Server benefits from First Colo

Customer service 24/7/365

Available within a few hours

Individual ideal servers instead of pressure to have a particular server created

Manufacturer-independent combination options

Rack housing and cold aisle air conditioning

Management interface, e.g. KVM over IP IPMI module

Each server is equipped with at least a 1 Gbit connection.

Acquisition of hardware components under special conditions through use of our purchasing benefits

Takeover of network management

Fully-equipped ideal server with the option to rent or to purchase

An overview of the important performance features:

Any type of server can be created

In this respect we do not ask that our customers provide any special specifications. We offer rental and purchase options for all common types of server equipment up to bespoke, highly complex and uncompromisingly efficient ideal servers. At First Colo our motto is: Professional individuality instead of pressure to have a particular server manufactured.

Continuous integrity and functionality through a redundant array of independent disks (RAID)

We use different hardware and software RAID systems. The storage media form a composite which, with regard to at least one aspect, is more efficient than the individual types of media. With RAID systems you have the option of gaining different benefits: Increasing the back-up (redundancy); increasing the data transmission rate (performance); building large, logical drives; replacing storage media (including during operation); increasing the size of the memory (including during operation).

Flexible upgrade options

With our rental price options you are not bound to use your servers in the design or way you originally chose for the whole agreed duration. You can commission upgrades and additional products from us at any time for your dedicated server. Upgrades, a switch to other server systems or a change of individual components desired ahead of time can be made by us while the system is operating and only lead to a price adjustment.

Guaranteed reliability

We guarantee the complete reliability of your ideal server during the whole contractual period so that you never have to worry about the processes involved in changing outdated or faulty IT components. In our own well-arranged warehouse sufficient replacement hardware and updates are available at any time so that irritating downtime, delivery times and waiting times can be avoided.

Server equipment with a management console

Our servers have standardised interfaces with which they can be monitored and managed via remote access. All servers can easily be controlled remotely via a management interface such as, for example, IPMI with a KVM(over ip) function. Many different types of regular administrative work such as new starts can thus be done by customers themselves without any costs being incurred thereby for managed services.

Proactive advice

One of our greatest strengths is advising you on an individual basis: In this respect you benefit from the correction of any misconceptions that might occur, the avoidance of oversizing or alternative solutions highlighted where initial equipping, upgrading and retrofitting are concerned. It is precisely when hardware is being selected that many mistakes can be made. From day-to-day practice we know how to identify a lack of knowledge in energy efficiency or compatability in the solution-oriented use of hardware (including components) such as, for example, RAM modules and RAID controllers. This is why you should definitely use our specialists’ expertise.

An alternative option: Dedicated storage systems

An alternative option: Dedicated storage systems

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