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On the following pages, you will find a selection of our dedicated servers. We provide both Business and Economy alternatives. Of course we will happily help you with your choice or recommend the best choice for your application. Learn more about the technology of our services and get an idea of the hardware components in use.

Business Server Managed Server
  Business Starter Business Advanced Business Expert
 Vendor Supermicro Supermicro Supermicro
 CPU Intel Intel Intel
 Model Xeon E3-1230 Xeon E5-1620 Dual Xeon E5-2620
 Frequency 4x 3.30Ghz 4x 3.50Ghz 12x 2.00Ghz
 Cache 8MB 10MB 30MB
 Memory 16GB ECC 32GB ECC 64GB ECC REG
 Hard Disk 2x 1000GB 2x 1000GB 2x 1000GB
 optional SSDs Tick Tick Tick
 Premium Traffic Economy or Premium flatrate (*)
 Connectivity 100 Mbit 100 Mbit 100 Mbit
 IPv4 Addresses 2 2 2
 IPv6 Addresses Tick Tick Tick
 Bandwidth Guarantee Tick Tick Tick
 Private VLAN ab 8 IPs ab 8 IPs ab 8 IPs
 IPMI Remote Control Tick Tick Tick
 24h Resets Tick Tick Tick
 Rescue System Tick Tick Tick
 Reinstallation Tick Tick Tick
 Traffic Accounting Tick Tick Tick
 Monitoring Tick Tick Tick
 IP Backbone 100 Gbit 100 Gbit 100 Gbit
 Server Location Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt
 Redundant Connectivity Tick Tick Tick
 Juniper Router Tick Tick Tick
 OS CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server, FreeBSD
Monthly Cost 95,00 70,00 135,00 110,00 200,00 180,00
Including Vat 83,30 € 130,90 € 214,20 €
Setup Fee      
3 Months Contract 70,00 € (83,30 €) 110,00 € (130,90 €) 180,00 € (214,20 €)
  Order Order Order

(*) Optionally Premium or Economy flatrate with a reduction to 10Mbps after a usage of 2 or 5 Terabyte. Alternatively 2 Terabyte Premium or 5 Terabyte Economy with 9 Cents per additional Gigabyte.

These offers are focused towards business clients. 19% sales tax apply if you are located in the European Union and do not have a VAT ID or if you are located outside of the European Union and do not run a business. Please contact us for further information.

All our business rent servers are equipped with brand components. The servers are Supermicro models with Intel CPU and memory from either Samsung or Kingston. All hard disks of our rented servers are made by either Seagate or Western Digital - Raid contollers are made by Adaptec. Without exception, all components are new.

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