Make DDoS attacks a thing of the past

That is why DDoS protection is a matter of trust.

Make DDoS attacks a thing of the past

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection from First Colo

DDoS protection means protecting your turnover. That is why DDoS protection is a matter of trust.

It’s better to make the right sort of start

1 If you just happened to be looking for a sophisticated and efficient solution to combatting DDoS attacks and, while doing so, ended up on this website, we can only congratulate you because for several reasons you have landed in the right spot when it comes to preventing these bothersome and mischievous overload attacks in their great variety, in their complexity and in their ever-increasing volumes.

2 More than 10 years of defence experience from our proactive defence monitoring team in our security operations centre. Countermeasures are already working before DDoS attacks fully block all processes.

3 Self-developed defence technology in combination with the highest quality hardware applications which otherwise only Tier 1 carriers can make use of.

4 A self-synchronising defence technology uses global information from DDoS attack patterns which have already been tried. As with vaccines, in this way the defence algorithms learn to immunise targets in the data center in advance.

5 One of the highest external bandwidth connections in the industry so that we can stem the most severe flood attacks ourselves.

6 In our data center we have industries for which recurring and multi-dimensional DDoS attacks are part of day-to-day business. We have been able to end long-term frustration by constantly switching successfully between overstrained DDoS protection service providers.

7 A worst case scenario: Two alternate data centers with symmetrical data in the event of an attack.

Special features

Many years of experience

Several all-in-one solutions

Monitoring team

Security operations center

Best practice applied

Learning algorithms

Best external connections

Fair pricing structure

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Our alternative DDoS protection solutions

Virtual local area network (VLAN) protection

This variety of protection secures your whole infrastructure against all types of attack and against all protocol attacks. In theory it is indefinitely scalable through our data center and at present can provide protection against flood attacks of up to 200 Gbit/s. This protection solution is recommended for our internal data center customers such as, for example, hosting and gaming providers as well as e-commerce or e-business companies.

Border gateway patrol (BGP) protection

This variety of protection is independent of your server location and can thus also protect your whole infrastructure if this is located outside our data center. Using BGP we can protect you against attacks up to 80 Gbit/s and against all attack protocols. All that is required for this purpose is at least a /24 network. This type of protection is recommended for companies with a large IT infrastructure, their own computer centre or corporate server room as well as to protect self-contained IT locations.

Proxy protection

This variety of protection was designed by us to defend websites. It is also independent of the server location and can be installed by us at short notice. In the event of an attack your web servers continue to be accessible to legitimate users. This is possible because we clean the “contaminated” website traffic by means of rerouting through our filter mechanisms. This type of protection is recommended, for example, for online shops and representative websites.

First Colo DDoS-Protection concept

Make DDoS attacks a thing of the past

Universally effective DDoS protection from First Colo

This means: Compared with traditional DDoS protection providers we can protect everything: All protocols, all applications and all servers inside and outside our data centers. For example:

Flood attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS amplification)

TCP stack attacks (SYN, FIN, RST, SYN ACK, URG-PSH, TCP flags)

Fragmentation attacks (Teardrop, Targa3, Jolt2, Nestea)

Application attacks (HTTP GET floods, SIP Invite floods, DNS attacks, HTTPS)

However, a universally effective type of DDoS protection is an extremely complex matter and thus requires a great deal of explaining. Depending on different attack vectors, attack targets and technical requirements from the respective customer, only very specific and in each case different protection solutions are suitable for final and effective defence against DDoS attacks. The precise determining, setting and calibrating of the filter technology must therefore always be subject to prior coordinated analysis with the customer. Apart from the exact and specific load situation of the attacked party to be calibrated, allocation of the suitable protection technology takes place in accordance with the interface to be determined, where the data traffic “contaminated” by DDoS attacks will be transferred to our algorithm-based filter mechanisms.

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