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Today, being subject to different types of attacks is just a part of daily business. Competitors are hindered, and websites and enterprises are blackmailed. Thanks to our professional and mature systems, we can detect and mitigate all kinds of attacks.


Modern firewalls for ddos protection

DDoS stands for 'distributed denial of service' and describes an attack from multiple sources with the aim to take a running service off the internet or to slowing it down dramatically. For this, different attack patterns are used which utilize different techniques.

Detection of Attacks

Detection of ddos attacks

First and foremost, the attacker must be identified and stopped. This is done by analyzing the attack pattern or by a localization of the attacker. Usually, decentralized botnets, computers that have been infected by a Trojan, are used to launch the attack. The server is bombarded with a constant stream of data packets by the so-called bots, that are usually hiding behind faked sender addresses. While in the early days of DDoS mostly large data packets were used, these days we see much smaller packets. It is possible to shut down a webserver with a few Mbit/s, if it is provided with the right (or rather: the wrong) kind of data in large quantities.

Protection From DDoS Attacks

Filtering of DDoS attacks

Modern systems allow us to recognize attack patterns and filter them. Only regular data traffic - so called white traffic - reaches the server. This way, it is guaranteed that your application runs with the highest performance and stability in our datacenter. The recognition of an attack happens essentially in real-time, with very low latency, so you do not have to fear noticeable effects on your business. Our DDoS protection allows you to focus without worry on the operation of your application. Potential attacks are filtered and reported, fully automatically, without the need for you to act at all.

Impact of Attacks on Websites

Firewall as protection against DDoS attacks

The consequences of recurring attacks can be disastrous for a website. From slow load times to frequent inaccessibility - a scenario like this is highly damaging to a company's professional reputation. The business's standing with possible customers and visitors suffers, and real losses, both in terms of money and reputation, are rapidly becoming more likely. Quite often, applications have to shut down permanently because they have suffered attacks too often. Once an attacker has you in their sights, panic is a common reaction, which takes great effort on your part to overcome to neutralize the impact on your operations. Preventative protection is possible very inexpensively and allows for short response times.

We will be happy to advise you, non-bindingly of course, and show you how to prepare for all eventualities. For any questions, we are gladly at your disposal.


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