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Housing & Co-Location for the highest level of demands


The miniaturised illustration of our data centers shows what a server room in your own company would have to do in order to fulfil the demands of a modern data center. The operational aspect would be a costly matter! Legal security directives, your own quality requirements and restrictions caused by enforced use of your own structural realities often make implementing data center infrastructure in the company’s location either very complicated or virtually impossible. First Colo operates co-location sites in modern and secure data centers in Germany, and at geo-redundant locations across Europe.  In Frankfurt we operate a data center divided into two sections in adjacent wings of a building with separte cooling circuits, fire compartments and colocation sites covering a total of more than 1,800 m². 

Our overall IT infrastructure is designed with full redundancy, and meets the highest levels of quality and security. By providing enough staff and component capacity we are even able to implement larger IT projects at short notice. The outsourcing of IT services as part of your corporate decision-making is therefore a timely and worthwhile alternative to having your own server room.

Housing & Colocation

Individuellen Vorteile der First Colo Rechenzentren:


Biometric access systems (fingerprint)

Early fire detection system

2 fire compartments

Intrusion detection system

Security service on standby 24/7

Monitoring of the whole data center and forward-feeding of all alarms to the fire service


Raised floor (1000 kN/m, height 50cm)

F90 walls with steel security doors

At least 3,00 m clear room height (top edge raised floor)

Door width circa 126cm

Controlled access to the rooms

Doorman at building entrance

Cooling and ventilation systems

Cooling and ventilation systems

Redundant N+1 air-conditioning unit

Air fed across the raised floor, warm air extractor in ceiling area

Cold aisle and hot aisle arrangement

Controllable precision air-conditioning technology

Indirect free cooling

Power supply

2 UPS systems, 25 min. reserve time

Electrical installation with overvoltage protection and energy distribution

Power supply via separate sub-distributions

2 emergency power systems for the whole building

Powerful Emergency generator

Das Rechenzentrum in Bildern