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We have many locations throughout Europe, which enables us to handle projects for and with you almost anywhere.

The major part of our infrastructure is located in our own datacenter in Frankfurt am Main. The datacenter is located in the east of the city only a few minutes away from the biggest European exchange - the DeCIX - making this a qualified location for ideal IP connectivity. With space for about 400 racks or 16,000 servers on 1200 square meters, we have plenty of room for growth in the coming years. We would like to invite you go on a personal tour. Until then, please feel free to take a first inside view in our gallery.

We had a vision with the concept of this project: We wanted to create a datacenter that combines economic and ecological aspects of our customers and the environment with the highest possible effeciency. Sustainable energy management - i.e. low power consumption for the air conditioning, power supply and peripherals - ought to provide for economically attractive and equally ecology-minded operation of our servers. With a PUE - i.e. the relation between server performance and overall performance - of 1.1 to 1.15, we rank among the leading datacenters in Frankfurt and also worldwide. Our values are comparable to Google, and compared to the industry average of 1.8, we are approximately eight times more efficient, consuming only 12.5% of the energy of an average datacenter. At the same time, we wanted sustainable, 24/7 on-site support of high quality. From our many years in the industry, we know that the range of possible applications of many of our competitors is limited: Often they can only carry out rudimentary tasks such as resets. OWe demand, however, that our technicians be able to work at your side in any situation, whether components need replacement, a RAID array must be repaired or there is a software problem. These high ambitions were successfully implemented. The result is a technologically advanced and ecologically friendly datacenter.

This high-quality implementation has paid off: Our main location has been certified by TÜV Saarland as a high availability datacenter of level 3 and guarantees proper operation of the 4000 servers for which we are providing colocation, or which are dedicated rented servers used by our customers.

Backup Datacenter in Frankfurt and the Netherlands

Backup datacenter in Frankfurt and Netherlands

As a backup site, we also run servers in the NewColo datacenter. Our customers with critical applications especially make use of this option and run a dual infrastructure or use this site simply for their backups. Since we have a direct fibre connection between both sites, we can offer high bandwidths and low latencies in between.

Furthermore we have a presence in the following locations:

  • Frankfurt - FRA1 - NewColo GmbH
  • Frankfurt - FRA2 - Equinix FR5 - previously Ancotel
  • Frankfurt - FRA3 - InterXion Deutschland GmbH
  • Frankfurt - FRA4 - Accelerated
  • Frankfurt - FRA5 - Equinix FR2
  • Frankfurt - FRA6 - databurg / Telehouse
  • Frankfurt - FRA7 - Telecity Redbus
  • Frankfurt - FRA8 - eShelter
  • Amsterdam - AMS - Telecity

Detailled descriptions and pictures may be found here:

Should you wish to receive services in other locations, please contact our sales department. We will be gladly available for questions any time by phone, email or in a personal meeting.

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