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Future-optimized and cost-effective First Colo data centers.

High-quality premium data center space

First Colo provides high-quality IT space, manufacturer-independent hardware and IT infrastructure for your business in our own high performance data centers and in additional European redundancy locations. You will receive from us an above-average, efficient, flexibly scalable infrastructure for your servers and storage or back-up systems, but also for cloud computing environments and big data applications in order to optimally guarantee the availability and the quality of your data.

We offer you both made-to-measure IT solutions and standardised premium products.

Our guiding principle is that we want to supply every IT customer with a comprehensive, carefree service, and provide the quality standards, which we have to maintain for our demanding premium customers anyway, for everyone using our data center.

Building on the infrastructure of our data center, we also offer you additional IT services, from the secure connecting of your IT systems and locations, through managed services and content delivery networks (CDN), on up to complete IT-Outsourcing and uncompromisingly efficient distributed denial of service (DDoS), wwhich otherwise only companies that are global players can make use of.

Housing & Colocation

Individuellen Vorteile der First Colo Rechenzentren:

Very short-term provision of racks and space

(shared/ private, access control, etc.) in future-optimised high performance data centers

Maximal efficiency for your space

thanks to scalable infrastructure (electricity, air conditioning) building of powerful, compact rack units is possible

Individual support for your IT systems 24/7

from our qualified specialist staff, including online monitoring systems (no sub-standard call centre support!)

Multiple redundant supply and safety facilities

 (electricity, air conditioning, access, fire protection)

Maximum scalability and cost-efficient synergy effects for space and services

 (Electricity, air conditioning, access, fire protection)

Maximum scalability and cost-efficient synergy effects

for space and services

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24/7 Support

IT made in Germany

Bespoke Colocation and Housing Your individual wishes count

Shared Rack-Housing

19″ Shared Rack – 1HE

1 Gbit Uplink

150 Watt inclusive

1 TB Traffic

Frankfurt am Main

Einmalig: 39€ *

¼ Colocation Rack-Housing

19″ Colo Rack – 10 HE

2x 1 Gbit Uplink (LACP)

Strom nach Verbrauch

2 TB Traffic

Frankfurt am Main

Einmalig: 99€ *

½ Colocation Rack-Housing

19″ Colo Rack – 20 HE

2x 1 Gbit Uplink (LACP)

Strom nach Verbrauch

4 TB Traffic

Frankfurt am Main

Einmalig: 149€ *

1/1 Colocation Rack-Housing

19″ Colo Rack – 42 HE

2x 1 Gbit Uplink (LACP)

150 Watt inclusive

4 TB Traffic

Frankfurt am Main

Einmalig: 249€ *

Inclusive – All packages contain the following standard services:

Redundant 2 x 1 Gbit rack connection (LACP channel)

Every circuit is fitted with 1 x 16 A

Power consumption visible online in real-time

Cold aisle air conditioning

Supported by a UPS and a diesel generator

Redundant air conditioning g

Early fire detection system

Novec 1230/FM200 fire suppression system

Optional n*10 Gbit rack connection

Switch/ Network management

Rack up to 30 KW power consumption is possible

Alarm-secured racks possible

Carrier-neutral racks possible

DSL/ISDN connection to the rack is possible

High-quality glass fiber satellite for loss-free transmission of the signal

Geo-redundancy & optional locations in the Netherlands and Austria


* Our prices are calculated for the duration of 24 months and exclude 19% VAT and one-time setup fee.

Was ist Colocation ?

Colocation oder auch Co-location meint das Auslagern eines Data Centers in ein externes Rechenzentrum (First Colo). Die Vorteile für Unternehmen, die ihr Daten- und Rechenzentrum als Colocation bei First Colo hosten, liegen neben dem Einsparen von Platz, Ressourcen sowie Anschaffungskosten für Hardware in einer optimalen Erreichbarkeit und Netzwerkanbindung inklusive physischem und datengesteuerten Schutz der IT-Hardware. Dank der Managed Services von First Colo können sich so Unternehmen wieder auf ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren und müssen sich nicht mehr selbst um ihr eigenes Rechenzentrum kümmern.

Warum Colocation ?

Einer der Hauptgründe warum sich immer mehr Unternehmen für die Colocation Services der First Colo GmbH entscheiden ist nach wie vor der große Kapitalbedarf für den Aufbau und Betrieb eines eigenen Datencenters. Durch die stetige Weiterentwicklung unserer professionellen Colocation Services überwiegen in nahezu jedem Szenario die Vorteile den eventuellen Nachteilen die ein Auslagern der Data Centers mit sich bringt: Dank Georedundanz & optionalen zusätzlichen Standorten in den Niederlanden und Österreich sind auch ihre kritischen Daten bestens geschützt und stets zugänglich.