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Accelerated has been IT services provider since 2002. In all those years we were able to gain a lot of experience in many different areas. The satisfaction of our customers has always been our primary goal. We want to deliver individual and customized solutions at fair prices without making compromises.

Since 2010, we have run our own datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. With 1200 sqm of datacenter floor and 300 sqm office space, our currently 16-person team, consisting of server, networking and infrastructure experts, tackles and overcomes many ambitious and exciting challenges. We have spared no effort to be able to provide the most unique service to you. Further details can be found on our technical website or in a face-to-face meeting in our offices.

Our company philosophy stipulates that we do our best to accommodate our customers. This is not outright altruism: A satisfied customer will gladly recommend us and cause less work. We feel this is a situation that benefits both parties. It begins with our preliminary counsel: The right analysis and recommendation can save costs and prevent problems later on. We pursue a long-term plan with sustainable growth. This policy has proven extremely successful for us: Our yearly growth rates are clearly double digit; at the same time, customers leaving us are particularly rare.

You will find more details on our technology page or in a face-to-face meeting.

Our claim is to implement tasks as precisely and efficiently as possible. Our technicians are highly trained for lots of different tasks regarding servers. In case we do not have a suitable specialist on our team already, we have many external contractors we can delegate the specific task to - of course not before having consulted you. This leads to many important advantages:

  • Time efficiency - Specialists fulfill tasks distinctly faster than allrounders.
  • Cost efficiency - A quick implementation saves money.
  • Precision - Error-proneness degreases enormously when using specialists.
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks - If required, the staff can be expanded on short notice.
  • Short communication paths - Coordination is done through just one interface.

You may expect from us and our services in general:

  • Individual and customized concepts - no generic products off the rack.
  • High standards for the implementation and the result.
  • Innovative thinking by a young and motivated team.

We will gladly answer your questions either by phone, email or in a face-to-face meeting on site.

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Learn more about our second site at Hanauer Landstraße in Frankfurt am Main.

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Helpful articles regarding servers, networking and IT. Please note that our knowledge base is currently in German only.

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