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Our network is present in many locations throughout Europe, so we will always find the perfect spot for your project.

Leasing is a great alternative to buying systems. It protects your liquidity, avoids depreciation and increases your flexibility. Compared to renting servers, the price is much more attractive of course.

Leasing is particularly attractive for projects, whose needs are defined for at least 24 months. You get brand new server systems, that are available exclusively to you for the duration of the contract, while not affecting your balance sheet. Most of our customers choose to combine the leasing contract with a maintenance offer: We can guarantee reaction times as fast as 30 minutes after an incident. Because of our permanent standby within the datacenter, these offers are even more affordable than industry standard "next business day" services of other vendors. Leasing is especially interesting when the project volume surpasses a certain size - for smaller projects, renting a dedicated server is often the better alternative. Due to internal workload in your company, as well as external one at the leasing partner, a certain base cost is unavoidable.

Strong Leasing Partner

BFL - Strong Leasing Partner

The BFL Leasing is the IT bankroller of the VR group and a strong partner on our side. We can provide flexible financing solutions on short notice anytime. As an official partner, we receive credit ratings usually within minutes. The span between your request for a quote and the delivery of your servers is usually not longer than 2-3 days.

The leasing of servers, whole projects or other IT infrastructure of course allows free choice of the manufacturer and basic parameters. Starting from a cost value of Euro 1,000 to up to several millions, every scenario is realizable. We have experience with numerous such projects and can make you an appealing and up-to-date offer. Through our extensive partner network we can draw upon virtually every manufacturer at inexpensive terms. No matter whether you want to equip your network with new routers and switches, connect several locations with a VPN or thinking of operating conventional server and storage applications: Our experience and expertise constitutes a solid foundation for a successful project closure. Upon request we will gladly name references or jointly develop a concept for your project.

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We will happily work out an individual offer for you, no matter if it's just a single server or a whole serverfarm. You can reach us anytime using our contact form, Email, telephone or in a face-to-face meeting.


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